This site is designed to offer a cross-disciplinary forum for contemporary feminist thought in the area of sexual violence against women and girls, voice and representation.

Feminist Representations: Sexual Violence Against Women, Asylum and Testimony (2018-19)

Funded by the British Academy/ Leverhulme Trust, the project aims to explore the contributions the arts and humanities may make to address institutional failures in the area of sexual violence against women and girls, with a specific focus on asylum, translation, voice and testimony. Three interdisciplinary workshops will bring together academics, practitioners, politicians, campaigners and writers. The objective is to open up avenues of expression for women when relaying their testimonies and the impact of sexual violence, and to provide feminist representation that moves beyond the parameters of legal expression. Adopting an interdisciplinary methodology, participants will examine case studies of asylum seekers’ testimonies as a means to reveal the issues of translation women meet when voicing their narratives. The project will shed light on specific issues women seeking asylum who have experienced sexual violence encounter when telling their stories. These findings will inform academics, policy makers, and writers who will address these issues in issues in scholarly and creative works.

Archived Events

A one-day symposium on ‘Sexual Violence Against Women: Voice and Representation’, organised by Dr Georgina Colby and Hannah Camplin at the University of Westminster, took place on June 17th, 2016, at the St Pancras Room, Kings Place, London. The day was comprised of keynote papers by Keir Starmer, MP, and Professor Jacqueline Rose, followed by two panel discussions in the afternoon. Full details of the symposium, including links to a number of the speakers’ papers, can be found in the June section of the Archive. The symposium was funded by the Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Westminster.